Friday, March 21, 2008


I watched the video which moved along very fast but had good information on how a Wiki works. The key words are EDIT & SAVE along with LINK. I can see where this has alot of potential for corrdinating the perfect list. By clicking edit, you can add or change the document.
I think it is so neat to have the list of what I have and what the others are to bring and then link the other list to have a perfect camping/shopping/party list.

I was very impressed with the Book Lovers WIKI. What a great tool by have the reviews at your finger tips. I could see our patrons loving this so that they could see if they really wanted to read that particular book or not.

Next I went to the Albany Co. Public Library staff Wiki. This is a great way to keep staff informed on such things as circ staff information, schedules, upcoming events, etc.

On Library Bloggers Wiki, I visited Public Library blogs and clicked onto Austin, Texas blog and Hennepin County Library blog. Couldn't believe how many blogs there are to look at.

On Minnesota Wikis, I looked at the Minnesota Historical Society site. There are alot of resources, information and locations available along with all types of services.

I'm waiting on my invite password to add or edit an entry in a wiki.

I finally got into the 23things wiki and did some editing. It seems like it would be alot of fun to do as a group thing. Could really get creative with it by adding color, different fonts, backgrounds, pictures, just about anything goes. I clicked onto the comment area and added a few words. All in all, this wasn't as hard as I first thought it was.

Thing 9

Well after much frustration, I finally got a comment posted on the document page. I went to the site and got invited to edit. It was fun reading all the comments on how people view this very important document and also the humor added. Powerful words stated in this Declaration. I keep thinking that maybe our candidates that are running for the highest office should remember these words. Just a thought

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Some of this was fun and challenging. Some is way out of the ballpark for me to find the time to do it. I love to be creative and doing the slideshare turned out to be the deal of the day. I had gone to lunch and noticed on the wall a quote: "If your not riding the wave of change.....You'll find yourself beneath it". I wrote it down and thought that this is a great statement. Then I started on my Slideshare and spoted the picture of the water coming over the lighthouse and I thought that this was a perfect slideshare to have with my quote for the day.

I went into Picture Trail and finally got that figured out and added to my blog. I tried to download the picture of our library but for some reason that file wouldn't transfer to my blog. Also created another flick of flowing pictures along with some fancy hearts.

I checked out all of Thing 8 and feel I did accomplish some things. Time to move on.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thing 8

Just getting started with this and I found a picture to go with my quote below this post. How awesome this is as I had just did the quote a little while ago.

Wave Overcomes Lighthouse

Photos Of The Year

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Photos of the year

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Time to relax after 23thingsonastick

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